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Hallelujah! Christ our Savior is risen indeed! Happy Easter from Saint Louis, roi de France médias.

Welcome! On behalf of Saint Louis, roi de France médias, thank you for coming to our website. Saint Louis, roi de France médias is a family owned and operated Catholic Multimedia retailer, specializing in the sales of audio and video books.

Saint Louis, roi de France médias is an idea that started 5 years ago. With only a desire to perpetuate the Catholic Faith, but no real plan of action, the company’s birth came from death. That’s right. Death. It was the death of a Catholic Priest that consecrated the idea of turning a book into an audio treasure. God has throughout history taken the most horrific events ever conceived and turn them into good. Just look at the passion and death of our Lord. No cross, no crown.

A promise was made to dedicate Saint Louis, roi de France médias flagship product My Catholic Faith to the late Fr. Kenneth Walker, FSSP, Requiescet in pace. The journey has been far from easy but it is well worth it. Please join Saint Louis, roi de France médias in the quest for bringing classic and traditional Catholic literature to auidobook and videobook format by donating today. Help Saint Louis, roi de France médias bring souls to Christ, for Holy Mother Church, for the salvation of souls.

Saint Louis, King of France, pray for us. Saint Louis, roi de France, prie pour nous.

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