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Perhaps you may have noticed that Saint Louis, roi de France médias has not posted anything in quite a while. That's because we haven't. Effective immediately, Saint Louis, roi de France médias will be in maintenance mode until further notice.

You may ask why?

Saint Louis, roi de France médias is currently under going a change in how our audio-book(s) are delivered. We made an announcement a few weeks back that we have begun producing one of the books on our list. We are still moving forward with that production.

Don't worry. We are still here and Saint Louis, roi de France médias is not going anywhere. When we come back, we will be stronger and offer more for our customers. If you can follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates, please do so. We thank you for your patience and support. Please pray for us as we emerge as another beacon of Hope for Tradition Catholic Culture in an otherwise demonic and dark world.

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