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Saint Louis, roi de France médias has been away for several weeks for revamping our products and website, but we're proud to finally announce our GRAND REOPENING!

You will notice a few changes. First, Saint Louis, roi de France médias is no longer crowdfunding for books. Crowdfunding, although it seemed logical as a way to raise money, it was not the most reasonable way. Instead, Saint Louis, roi de France médias has taken upon itself the task to produce its own audio books. That lead's us into the second change, more audio books!

Saint Louis, roi de France médias has 2 new audio books available for purchase!  You can head to to see for yourself.  That's the good news. The great news is we will be coming out with new audio books every few weeks. Right now, we have Humility of Heart, by Fr. Cajetan Mary Da Bergamo in production. Our next project is tackling the 4 volume masterpiece, Mystical City of God by the Venerable Mary of Agreda!

The third and final change you will notice is how the books are read. Instead of a professional voice over artist, you will be hearing Artificial Intelligence.  This is a much more cost effective way of producing audio books and less time consuming than a professional voice over artist. In the end, it comes down to the salvation of souls.

We hope you continue with us on this journey of turning traditional Catholic literature into downloadable audio books a reality for all Catholics, not just traditional. Thank you for your continued patience and your prayers.  May the Lord reward you.



Pax Christi,

Saint Louis, roi de France médias

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