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Stay close to the fire.

“When the wood faileth, the fire shall go out” Proverbs 26:20.

Fire carries so many qualities that are relative to the Faith. Fire gives off light, which is the light of truth;

“And this is the declaration which we have heard from him and declare unto you: That God is light and in him there is no darkness.” 1 John 1:5.

Fire gives off heat which warms the souls of God’s love for humanity;

“For our God is a consuming fire.” Hebrews 12:29.

Fire can purify as is in the process of purifying gold;

“And who shall be able to think of the day of his coming? and who shall stand to see him? for he is like a refining fire.” Malachi 3:2.

Fire can also consume and burn painfully as in the fires of Hell;

“Then he shall say to them also that shall be on his left hand: Depart from me, you cursed, into everlasting fire.” Matthew 25:41.

Staying close to the fire is something that the secular world promotes far more these days than what is heard from inside the Church (as a whole).

Motivational speakers will promote their books and edify other speakers and successful entrepreneurs alike. They will get up on stage and tell you that you need to read this book or that book. They will tell you that you need to go this place to see so and so, because it will change your life and change your future. They will tell you that you need to surround yourself with other successful minded individuals because “success leaves footprints”. They will tell you to stop watching garbage because “garbage in, garbage out.” Then they will tell you to “stay close to the fire.”

If the secular world gets it, but is used for worldly possessions, personal economic gain and ultimately for human respect, then how much more should the Church Militant use this approach?

In fact, we already do. Avoiding temptation is staying close to the fire. Following the 10 Commandments and the precepts of the Church are staying close to the fire. Praying the rosary daily is staying close to the fire. Frequent confession and attending Eucharistic Adoration are staying close to the fire. Receiving our Lord Jesus Christ through Holy Communion while in a state of Grace IS staying close to the fire.

Not reading bad books, being sober, not just staying away from but denouncing pornography as demonic, are all staying close to the fire.

Catholics need to know they are not alone. They need to know that there are other Catholics in the trenches with them, when it is cold, wet, dark and under constant enemy fire.

For the purposes of this article, we are talking about staying close to the fire in association.

Below is a list of resources you can use to stay close to the fire.


  • The Catholic Gentleman. The Catholic Gentlemen is a blog that is run by Sam Guzman. The Catholic Gentleman is a blog for Catholic men who want to grow in their faith and become better men. Some posts include manly saints you can imitate, beer, dressing sharp, marriage, spiritual weapons and a lot more. He also has a large Facebook presence at


  • One Peter Five. One Peter Five is a website that was designed “To Rebuild Catholic Culture. To Restore Catholic Tradition”. From the 1P5 website “OnePeterFive exists as a place to begin rebuilding the Catholic ethos. We’re not just here to zero in on the problems, but to offer concrete solutions. We want to restore Catholic culture, rebuild the Church as a patron of the arts, reinvigorate the family and the traditions that keep it strong, reform the liturgy, support vocations, dust off the old devotions and make them relevant again.” Steve Skojec is the Founding Publisher and Executive Director of One Peter Five. There is wonderful commentary and analysis at 1P5 on a wide array of ongoing issues within the Church. We HIGHLY recommend checking out One Peter Five on Facebook too at



There are many more resources for Catholics to go to in order to stay close to the fire. One last way to stay close to the fire is to read good books, or even listen to them! You can come here to purchase Traditional Catholic Audio Books. Saint Louis, roi de France médias has made a commitment to convert as many public domain traditional Catholic books to become audio books as possible. We will be adding audio books on a weekly or monthly basis.  So keep up to date on our Facebook and twitter page, or sign up to be a subscriber of our Blog.

Finally, never forget what Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen once said. He said “Who’s going to save our Church? It’s not our bishops, it’s not our priests and it is not the religious. It is up to you, the people. You have the minds, the eyes and the ears to save the Church. Your mission is to see that the priests act like priests, your bishops act like bishops, and the religious act like religious.”

Stay close to the fire.

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