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No other creature created by the Lord God has authority over Satan than Our Lady.

So why then does man seek other ways to defeat the enemy? He cannot do it alone. Is it pride? Ignorance? or Both? Perhaps it's man's translation of the bible. The Latin Vulgate's translation into the vernacular is "she" shall crush. She being Mary, or the new Eve. Most of the non-denominational bible translations say "he" shall crush, almost insinuating that man has authority over the devil and no supernatural assistance is needed. No wonder Mary is not on the tongues or in the hearts of believers.

The truth is Mary is a pivotal person in salvation history. Right after the fall the Lord said:

"I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel." Genesis 3:15

Saint Louis, roi de France médias has decided to begin a series of posts dedicated to Notre Dame, or Our Lady. Saint Louis, roi de France médias is currently under going converting the Mystical City of God, a 4 part volume composed of 8 books that was written in the 17th century by the Lady in blue, or Mary of Agreda. In Volume I, the conception, It says:

Mary of Agreda is known to have been favored with the miracle of bilocation: always remaining in her convent at Agreda, she was for a number of years the first messenger of the true faith sent by God to the Indians in Arizona and New Mexico, U. S.

Mary was appearing to the Indians of the southwest desert before any of the missionaries arrived. In fact, when the missionaries did arrive, they believed it was Our Lady who had appeared to the Indians because they described being taught the Faith from the Woman in Blue!

Let us promote Our Lady now more than ever. We are behind enemy lines in the world and we need protection from the fiery darts of the enemy, and the enemy is a good shot.

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Below is an excerpt from Volume II, The Incarnation:

340. In order to begin his battle Lucifer brought with him the seven legions with their seven principal leaders, whom after the fall from heaven he had appointed to tempt men to the seven capital sins (Apocalypse 12). Each of these seven squadrons he charged with the duty of exerting their utmost strength against the immaculate Princess. The invincible Lady was occupied in prayer, when the Lord permitted the first legion of devils to begin the battle by tempting Her to the sin of pride, to which special work they had been appointed. They sought to approach the heavenly Queen by trying to cause changes in her natural passions and inclinations, for this is the ordinary way in which the demons find access to other mortals; and they thought that She was infected in the same way as other men with passions disordered by sin. They could not however come as close to Her as they wished, for they were repelled by the fragrance of her virtues and holiness, which tormented them more than the fire which consumes them. In spite of this obstacle and although the very sight of most holy Mary pierced them with raging torments, they nevertheless ignored their pains and lashed themselves into furious and ungovernable wrath in their obstinate endeavors to approach nearer to Her and exert upon Her their cursed and damnable influence.

341. The most holy Mary, who was alone and left only to her natural forces, stood prepared for the assault of those countless demons; yet She by Herself was as formidable and terrible (Canticles 6, 3) to them as many armies in battle array. They presented themselves before Her (Psalm 118, 85) in the most horrid masks and with wicked lies. But the sovereign Queen, teaching us how to conquer, did not change her position nor was moved interiorly or exteriorly, nor did She show any emotion of fear in her countenance. She took no notice of them, nor attended to them any more than if they had been the weakest ants. She despised them with an invincible and magnanimous heart; for this kind of battle, as it is a battle of virtues, is not accompanied by the extremes of noise and excitement, but is fought in all tranquility, in outward and inward peace and modesty. Just as little could She be moved by the passions and the appetites; for these were not in subservience to the devil in our Queen. In Her they were all swayed by reason, and this again was subject to God, since none of her faculties had been cast into disorder by the first sin, as in the rest of the children of Adam. Therefore the arrows of these enemies, as David says, were like those of little children (Psalm 63, 8), and their armories were like those which were without ammunition. Only to themselves were they harmful, for their weakness only brought upon them confusion. Although they were not aware of the innocence and the original justice of most holy Mary and therefore did not understand that She was not to be injured by the common temptations; yet by the Majesty of her bearing and her constancy they could conjecture their ill-success and how She despised them. Their efforts were not of the least avail; for, as says the Apostle in the Apocalypse (Apocalypse 12, 18) and as I have mentioned in the first part (1-129), the earth helped the Woman, who was clothed with the sun, when the dragon opened upon Her the flood of his impetuous temptations; meaning thereby, that the earthly body of this Lady had not been vitiated in its faculties and passions, as those of others, who had been touched by sin.

May Our Lady wrap you in her mantle!

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